About Us

BeQueen, Inspired by nature. An exquisite story about a lifestyle, health and beauty brand that provides variety of natural and organic based ingredients skincare products which essentials to women’s needs today. BeQueen is the latest brand in town for women who are concern about their natural skin color, health and beauty conscious. Comes in elegance and quality packaging inside and out, BeQueen is the new excitement in the skincare line in Malaysia.

BeQueen Malaysia, founded in early 2016 under 2 years of extensive R&D, has built its reputation on creating and combines the elements of natural ingredients such as olive oil, bearberry extract, algae extract combined using Trigona honey and Trigona formulation which resulted for 100% nourishing, hydrating, and great fertilizer for skin. The Trigona honey has officially launched in early 2018 that has been in the Research and Development stage for more than 2 years in Malaysia. BeQueen is not another brand in the market but also a Malaysian Made skincare manufacturer who creates natural and organic products from the nature with the artistry of skincare and beauty that will cater the needs and demand from the market.

Beauty, classy and elegance are the characteristics of BeQueen that hopefully will continue to be desire by the user and those who come across them. A big difference from those mass-produced beauty or skincare products.


Malaysian made skincare with 97% natural and organic ingredients. The Trigona honey extract is essential to revive natural skin tone, health and beauty. Our objective is to be the first in Malaysia sells a natural and organic skincare products that give most benefits to the public without any prejudice.