How to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Posted by queenida 15/07/2018 0Comment(s)

Everyone knows that spring is the perfect time to clear the decks, dust away the cobwebs, and start fresh.  While you might be focusing on your house or your yard, remember that your makeup can use some spring cleaning too. Making sure your makeup is fresh and working properly is important to help ensure that it performs well and gives the best skincare benefits.  This is also the perfect time of year to branch out and try new products!  Check out these tips on how to spring clean your makeup bag.


Check Your Period After Opening Dates


Period After Opening (PAO) dates appear on almost every beauty product you own. The PAO symbol looks like an open jar with a number inside. The number listed represents how many months your products will remain at peak efficacy after opening the product.  That being said, if your favorite PurePressed Base doesn’t smell or look different, and it continues to perform as it always has, you can safely continue using it. After all, minerals are inert so they don’t expire!
To spring clean your makeup, check your products. Maybe it’s time to make a new purchase of one of your favorites!
PRO TIP: We like to put little stickers on new products and mark when we opened them, so we can keep track of how long they will be at peak performance.


Clean Your Brushes

Cleaning your brushes is an important step in ensuring that your makeup not only applies beautifully but also that your skin will remain clean and clear.  For quick spot-cleaning try our Botanical Brush Cleaner. Spray the cleaner onto a paper towel and gently swirl your brush to remove product build-up  While this cleaner is perfect for on-the-spot cleansing (especially for our vegan makeup brushes with animal-free bristles), don’t forget to deep clean your brushes once a week. Use a mild shampoo and lukewarm water to suds up your brush ensuring that all makeup build up is washed away, leaving you with a squeaky clean brush. Check out this article to learn the right way to clean makeup brushes.


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